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The world is your blank canvas, paint your life.

18. Artsy. ∞ Virgo.
☮ meditate ☮
“Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding”
-Albert Einstein



cool beans

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15. April 2014

it’s 8:47 on a tuesday. 

I have work from 11am-5pm at a frozen yogurt place. It’s a rainy day so it’s not like I’m missing out too much.

If only I didn’t have work or school or career obligations or money needs or anything to do. Just wanna chill and paint or draw in my room, but there’s simply no time for that.

This society sucks I wish I was born with the native americans and just respected nature and posted with my tribe homies all day. Maybe gather some berries, make some clothes. It would be mad chill.